Pray for others, even the ones I don’t like?

Here we are, three days post-election. And regardless of the outcome, let us remember this:

God made us all. He loves us all. He’s in charge anyway.

We honor His love for us by loving others, and one way we do is praying for others – people we love, people we don’t like, leaders, government, etc. Rolling your eyes and feeling UGH right now? Are you thinking, “Did she actually just tell me to pray for those people I didn’t want to win? Those people I don’t like?” Yes, I’m sharing the truth straight from God. And, I feel you.

I get it, this is NOT easy. There are just some people I don’t want to pray for. Sometimes that’s a public figure, sometimes it’s someone I know. There, I said it. Because I’m human. And we have free will, so we don’t have to do this. But as followers of Christ and God-centered entrepreneurs, we’re called to be better than that. And, here’s what God’s instructions don’t say:

Ridicule people.
Bully people.
Wish injury, illness or death on people.
Intimidate people.
Whether you’re a believer or not, let’s all agree to NOT do these things. Please. It doesn’t serve us. It doesn’t further our opinion, it doesn’t support forward progress, and it doesn’t reflect Jesus to the world.

Yes, communicate civilly with those whose opinion differs from yours.
Yes, have hard conversations.
Yes, stand up for what you believe (and some people won’t like it, and that’s ok).
And yes, pray for the world, it’s leaders, and most of all, for God’s grace and mercy for us all.

This is how we live Godly lives. This is how we live with dignity. This is how we affect change. And ps, verse 6 of this chapter says, “This is the message God gave to the world at just the right time.” Huh, would you look at that!

So now…how can I pray for you today?

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