Drifting in Discontentment

Pride and lack of gratitude – the core of our discontentment

Pretty sure Gomer’s quote was rooted in unending discontentment.


Always looking for someone to satisfy her needs in her way rather than God’s.


You have to feel badly for Hosea, right? (except He was just being obedient to God’s instructions in Hosea 1:2).


But we’re not like Gomer, right? Um….


I don’t know about you, but I’ve felt the discontentment with my business, my home, my “stuff,” my success. Social media is especially dangerous to us in this area because we get to see everyone’s “highlight reel” and wonder why we don’t measure up. 


At the core of our discontentment are two things: pride and lack of gratitude.


Beware the fine line between pursuing success His way (with excellence) and working from a position of discontentment. If you don’t look closely, you might miss it (and the enemy is counting on that).


Now, I’m not saying that we shouldn’t celebrate our work, our impact and our progress. Yes, do that AND give glory where glory is due: to He who gave us the ability to serve, the skills and talents we have, even the opportunities to use these gifts. Focusing on our role, at the exclusion of the Lord’s, brings on pride.


And not being disciplined in our gratitude can leave us “forgetful” as well. 


So today, friend, take a moment to look around in this present moment. See the beauty of creation, the actual work you’re doing right now,  and think of how far He’s brought you (highly recommend posting a list of His work in your life & biz front in center for a daily reminder). Step back for a minute and ask yourself why you’re discontented. Ask God to reveal it in your life. And pray over that.


And remember…while discontentment is human, you can rise above it by focusing on Jesus.




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