Redefining Hustle Principle 3: Surrender - Episode 169

Redefining Hustle Principle 3: Surrender – Episode 169

What is it about being ambitious women of faith that we feel the need to white knuckle our work and be self-reliant? (or is it just me?)


You know what it’s like: one minute you’re putting feet to your faith and following God’s direction, and the next you’re trying to multiply your actions in your own strength (it’s ok, you’re not alone).


This week on The Hustle with H.E.A.R.T. podcast, I’m talking about the 3rd principle to redefine hustle: Surrender. 


Surrender is subjecting everything to His will, and that includes our dreams, plans, goals, actions and outcomes to His sovereignty. It takes daily commitment and discipline. And we’re digging into how to do it – as well as 2 ways the enemy seeks to attack our surrender.


Listen in to today’s episode, and be sure to follow for a BIG announcement coming soon! And if surrender is a place you struggle in your business, I can help you strengthen that muscle! Check the show notes to grab your group coaching visitor pass or schedule a discovery call with me  😎


These verses were part of the message in today’s episode. Follow along as you listen, and/or use them for your own continued study.

Psalm 46:10

Col 3:23


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