Redefining Hustle Principle 4: Focus over FOMO - Episode 170

Redefining Hustle Principle 4: Focus over FOMO – Episode 170

FOMO. It’s a state we’re all familiar with, right? It’s even a foundational marketing principle. Because the fear of missing out is central to our human desire to belong, to be part of “something bigger,” and most especially, for us ambitious women in business, central to our desire to make an impact with the audience we seek to serve. 


But what if instead of FOMO, we turned to FOCUS? As in: 







I imagine Jesus’ words for FOMO would be: 






And that’s why this 4th principle to redefine hustle is so critical to battling the enemy’s plot to get us drifting in distraction, discontentment and doubt while we covet others’ supposed growing platform, multi-figure business, and overall success. Yes, coveting is a hard word to swallow. And it’s also pretty accurate. To avoid it, or pull ourselves out of it, we’ve got to FOCUS. And choose FOCUS > FOMO (as the world defines it).


Listen in to today’s episode, and catch the NEW TRAILER for the BIG announcement about this show’s makeover coming November 7! And if you’re struggling with FOCUS, I can help: Check the show notes to grab your group coaching visitor pass or schedule a discovery call with me.


These verses were part of the message in today’s episode. Follow along as you listen, and/or use them for your own continued study.

Psalm 34:10

Galatians 6:4

Philippians 3:20

Joshua 1:7-8

Romans 8:28

Mark 1:35


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