Reflecting Christ’s love & light to all that cross our paths

Another month almost behind us, leaving us with just 62 days to finish up and kiss 2020 goodbye! Are you feeling more like “good riddance” is the better farewell (maybe with a gesture on top for emphasis)? It’s ok, we’re all friends here…go ahead and yell what you want to on the other side of that screen! 🤣❤️🤣

As God-centered entrepreneurs, we are reflecting Christ’s love and light to all that cross our paths. The beauty of our Hustle with Heart journey is the ability to effectively steward the gift of our businesses to serve His Kingdom and pursue success His way. Still, we all hit a wall, don’t we? We all feel tired, worn out, maybe restless along the way, especially the way this year has gone.

But take heart, friend! Because not only are we never alone (see my 10/23 post), we are also equipped and empowered to keep going. To endure for His righteousness and glory. And when we keep going, keeping the commitment to see the process and progress through, we become stronger. More resilient. Better prepared to comfort others and serve them. We keep moving forward (letting His strength guide us in our weakness) and more impact is made. It is truly beautiful to see how the Lord moves on our behalf!

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