Relying on God gives Clarity, Serenity and Fulfillment

Me: Knock, knock.

God: I know it’s you, Erin.

Me: Well, so much for that joke. But am I knocking on the right door, Lord? 

God: I gave you the keys…I’ll show you the doors. 


Sometimes it feels like we’re knocking on doors in our business and no one is answering, so we wonder if we got the right door. But what if God gave us the keys and we simply need to use them?

In my own Hustle with Heart journey, I’ve discovered that when I rely only on God to define and direct me, and I put that into daily discipline, I develop into more of who He made me to be, and my business develops too. And when I do that, it unlocks::

🔎Clarity – I know who I am, whose I am, what action to take and when (it breaks the chains of overachievement)

😌Serenity – I am calm, peaceful and untroubled in running my business, with my priorities in the right order – God, family, business (it breaks the chains of overwhelm)

💜Fulfilled – I am filled by God as my portion, regardless of the outcomes. Yes, I work toward goals, and yes, I achieve many. Yet I no longer have that feeling of successful-yet-its-never-enough (breaking the chains of unfulfillment).

Sounds refreshing, right? It’s always easier to use a key than incessant knocking. 

God’s handing you the keys…take them and step into His clarity, serenity and fulfillment for your business. To help you remember, get my free 4 Keys to Hustle with Heart by commenting below with an emoji and I’ll send it to you!

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