Relying on the world to define things for us

Most of us spend a lot of time relying on the world to define things for us. Things like our identity. Success. Failure. It’s the human condition (and don’t get me started on FOMO).

From parents to friends, to significant others to business leaders. From media to moguls.

And everything (and everyone) in between.


Only One knit us together in our mother’s womb. 

Only One knows every hair on our heads.

Only One calls us His workmanship.

Only One prepares our personalized path beforehand. 

Only One opinion counts

As we embark on our pursuit of success God’s way, the process I call Hustle with Heart, let us remember and find freedom in being more than our achievements and our roles. Because He solves all that by:

👉🏻Defining who we are and whose we are.

👉🏻Defining what success means for every one of us.

👉🏻Defining our path for making Kingdom impact.

And that is worthy of raising a hallelujah for us ambitious Christian entrepreneurs!🙌🏻

In a world of copies, remember: you are God’s original ⭐️masterpiece⭐️!!



Ready to let God define your identity and your success, but not sure how? The Hustle with Heart Course can help! Registration opens Sept 8 – subscribe at for notice when doors open!

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