Where He guides, He provides

Remember this: where He guides, He provides.

I don’t know about you, but sometimes, I find myself stumbling around wondering where God’s provision is. And most often, it’s because I’m leaning on my own understanding and trying to prescribe what it should look like. 


When we lose sight of His promise of provision, let us turn back to His word to remind us that it is perpetual…standing the test of time throughout His word.


Starting in the Old Testament, God promises His people that He is the one that blesses the work of our hands. A great example of this is the story of Elijah and how God provided for him through the widow (1 Kings 17). God’s provision wasn’t exactly how Elijah could have imagined, but that provision proved to bless not only Elijah but the widow and her son. And as we abide in Him, God continues to provide us nourishment, our spiritual gifts and talents, and even the desire of our hearts to have and build a kingdom business.


Moving into the New Testament, we find numerous verses explaining how the Lord will provide for our needs in many different circumstances. He already knows our needs and promises that He will supply them. He values us and provides for His children.


Then why don’t we see His provision when we need it or expect it?


It’s important to remember that God’s timing is not our own. Although we may feel like we’re walking in obedience and following His will and word for our lives, that doesn’t guarantee that things will go as we plan. If we’re frustrated that our efforts don’t seem to be bringing God’s provision into our lives, perhaps we’ve forgotten that He has a plan (that we can’t prescribe)…and that He works in His own timeline.


👉🏻 Is it possible that we’re not putting our trust in God’s timing?

👉🏻 Is it possible that we’re doing too much and running ahead of the Lord?

👉🏻 Is it possible that we’re feeling it all depends on our actions and activities?


Remember this: where He guides, He provides.


Maybe you’re in a season where you feel you’re going backward, when nothing seems to be “working.” Rest assured, friend, that He will never leave you, that He will faithfully provide as long as you’re disciplined in your obedience. The services and products that we market are made to speak to and serve the people He leads to us. And His provision comes out of His love and mercy for us.


Obeying God isn’t always easy. Many of His commands require sacrifice. But obeying God allows Him to handle the consequences.


And that results in His provision of perfect peace (among all the incredible ways He provides).


If you find yourself questioning God’s promise of provision, I’ve got a half-day retreat that can help you strengthen your trust in Him. Join me for the Leading Lady, ABIDE! half-day retreat on August 6 in Annapolis, MD. Get all the details – and register today – at my link in bio.



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