It’s what reminds us He is with us every step of the way

There you are, counting down to Thanksgiving (here in the US 😉), and while you know it might be different this year, you can smell the turkey (or your vegetarian option), can’t you? You can taste those potatoes (mashed in our house), smell the pie in the oven, and you’re ready to see those lines on the cranberry sauce from the can (unhealthy, I know).

So what are you grateful for this year?

If your family does the everyone-share-one-thing-they’re-grateful-for around the table (around the zoom?) thing, what’s your answer going to be?

I believe it IS possible to find gratitude somewhere in this year of upheaval, pivoting, quarantine, hard conversations and tension. I believe we CAN recount God’s wonderful deeds in the midst of it – in our lives, our relationships and our businesses.

Recalling those things, reminding ourselves of his sovereignty is what keeps us focused on this Hustle with Heart journey. It’s what reminds us He is with us every step of the way.

So I’ll ask again…what are you grateful for this year? 💜👇🏻💜👇🏻💜👇🏻💜

(and are you team canned cranberry sauce or team fresh cranberry sauce? 🤣My answer is in the comments!)

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