Resilience...because God is counting on you!

Resilience…because God is counting on you!

Ever want to run away from your business and hide on a remote beach somewhere?


Or maybe like you could burn it all down and start over (or just walk away)?


Are you in a dark place right now, spiraling in overwhelm with little energy to keep going?


Friend, let me reassure you: you are NEVER alone. Yes, there are others who have been there or are there now. 


But it’s the Lord who is ALWAYS there and He knows exactly what you’re struggling through.


🧭 Perhaps this is your training ground for His greater plan, and these lessons will fuel the book you’ll write, the course or masterclass you’ll create, or the coaching you’ll provide.


🏋️‍♀️ Perhaps He’s building your endurance and your perseverance because the impact He has positioned you to make will require more strength.


🛡 Perhaps this is spiritual warfare, and from your position of face down on the floor (been there!), you’ll look up and rediscover Jesus.


The point is, don’t give up.


God is counting on you!


There are people He’s prepared you to serve, work He’s positioned you to do, and comfort He’s provided to you for sharing with someone else.


So how do you act with resilience as a Christian woman in business?


1️⃣ Give God the glory in the good, the storm and the aftermath of the storm.  


2️⃣ Practice surrender over self-reliance in everything you do.


3️⃣ Remain flexible and allow Him to direct and develop you, even when you’re being stretched in this moment.


4️⃣ Rejoice always, pray continually and give thanks in all circumstances (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18).

Resilience – God is counting on you!


We can worship in tragedy and disappointment because we know nothing separates us from God. 


Stay the course, friend. You are His vessel for a mission in the marketplace! 


God is counting on you.




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