Self-Care for Entrepreneurs that Honors God

Okay, so you may be thinking, self-care honors God? Really? Like God wants me to go get a massage? Well…let me unpack this a bit.  While on vacation in Tucson this summer, I decided to take a spa day.  Now you know, as entrepreneurs, our time is our own and we design our schedules. So that means that sometimes we still do some work because we have the ability to design our days – when, where, how and with whom we work.  While on vacation I did have some work to get done for my podcast, coaching, etc., and I had carved out a spa day to check off a bucket list item: go to Miraval. You’ve probably heard of Miraval because Oprah frequents the spa and does retreats there.  

That day I really took the time sitting by the pool after my facial, under the palm trees (yep that picture above), realizing that very often as entrepreneurs we do not take time for self-care. Because we believe we have to be going, going, going all the time, yet that driving and striving actually does not get us the results we want for the long-term. That’s exactly what let me to the Lord – I was driving and striving for the greater part of my career and I realized at the end of it I had a lot of accomplishments but very little fulfillment. It wasn’t until I accepted Christ and realized that He had a bigger purpose for me, that I began to realize the fulfillment I sought was a Jesus-shaped hole.  I learned I had to be obedient to His direction to build business differently, and it wasn’t until I surrendered to Him and His way that I started to really see breakthrough. And that’s when Hustle with Heart was born.

Self-care for entrepreneurs (and well, anyone really) looks like…

1.  Starting each day in the Word, in your gratitude journal. That first hour of your day is so critical to what your day unfolds. 

2. Fueling your body with the right foods so you’re equipped to do the work God calls you to do with energy and a clear, focused mind – what you put into your body profoundly impacts your energy and your mental health.

3. Spending time with people who truly lift you up and admonish you with grace and love. Keeping ourselves accountable to His Word is best done through a community of others doing the same.

4. Rest – I know what you’re thinking…you need a nap!  But it’s more than a nap – it’s giving yourself the grace to take a break, refuel your energy and mind, to get quiet in His presence and truly hear what He desires for you to do.

As entrepreneurs pursuing success God’s way, we very often don’t allow ourselves the time to care for ourselves because we think we need to be always working to provide for all the “needs” of our life and those around us.  Yet, throughout the Word, we’re told not to worry about what we’re going to eat or wear, that God is going to provide those things for us. It tells us that our bodies are a temple, to honor the Lord. But do we listen? I promise you if you allow yourself the downtime for self-care, it will radically change what’s happening in your business. It will unleash breakthrough in your business!  It doesn’t mean you have to get a massage once a week (I wish!) or you have to be in the spa every other week (I wish that too).  It means you need to take time to take care of you in honoring Him.

Why? Because you cannot have the energy, the stamina, or the health to impact the world the way God has called you to if you do not take time to for self-care!  So consider this your permission slip to go have some self-care, whatever that looks like. Self-care is not selfish because if you are constantly pouring out your pitcher to everybody else but you’re never refilling it, you cannot possibly make the impact that you want to make as a God-centered entrepreneur.

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