Spiraling in Overwhelm

Spiraling in Overwhelm: 5 Questions to Ask Yourself

How are you feeling right now, friend? 


Are you feeling vulnerable? 


Or tired? 


Are you feeling lonely? Or angry? 


Maybe discouraged?


As we get closer to the frenzy of fall – getting back from vacation, going back to school, hunkering down at work – it’s easy for us to feel some of those emotions, and more.


But remember: these are the times when the enemy steps in and tries to keep us from abiding in the vine. To get us sidetracked from our mission, and doubtful of the work God has directed us to do. And it gets us spiraling into overwhelm, leaving us wondering “how did I get to this point?”


Here are 5 questions to ask yourself in this season: 


1️⃣ Am I trying to get ahead of the Lord?

2️⃣ Am I trying to work and make things happen in my own strength?

3️⃣ Am I trying to do too much?

4️⃣ Am I trying to move forward at a pace that doesn’t match His?

5️⃣ Am I trying to take over where God’s already paved the way?


It’s only by working through these questions, leaning into the Word through prayer, and putting on the His armor that we’re able to show up with the excellence that best reflects Jesus.


Remember, pursuing success God’s way does not look like pursuing success the world’s way. And we need the armor of God to walk this journey!


PS if you’re chained up in overwhelm, overachievement and unfulfillment, check my link in bio for a download of these questions to keep handy, and explore working with me there too!

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