Stop circling the mountain and start moving forward

Today strikes me as a pivotal point in the last two weeks of 2020: Hanukkah ends tonight at sunset, Christmas is one week away, and two weeks from today, we celebrate the start of a new year (and everything will magically be back to “normal.” Yeah right!). It feels like an inflection point: do we continue circling this mountain of 2020, lamenting over what did or didn’t happen this year or do we decide to finish the year with love, follow God’s instructions and move forward?

While it may be completely out of context, I imagine God was REALLY ready for the Israelites to obey and get moving into the land He promised them, and this instruction could have had a hint of exasperation (well, maybe if He were human). I mean, 40 years for an 11-day journey? Come on now!

Sound familiar? God gives us an instruction to move forward, and we’re stuck in place or on the same worn path, focused on what didn’t work last time, how this can’t be the right way or who might not come along with us. Isn’t it just like us to keep circling the mountain?

Here’s the thing, God’s instruction is to keep moving forward to what He’s set before us, and He’s waiting for us to take possession of it. Yes, it means leaving behind the past, what did and didn’t happen the way we planned. Yes, it means doing the work. It means having faith in His higher thoughts and plans, then demonstrating our faith with the trust to take the action. The action is as simple as one step. The world is waiting for us to stop circling the 2020 mountain!

Who’s with me on using this last two weeks to stop circling the mountain and start moving forward? Tag a friend who needs this wake-up call!


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