The task of decluttering has been elevated to an art form

Anyone else out there love decluttering after Christmas like me? Being the control freak that I am (hey, I’m getting better…progress over perfection, right?), I love a good clean up and I function best when everything is in its place.

While I don’t like undecorating after Christmas, this year I’m doing it just before New Year’s Day as we prepare for an anniversary trip. And that means I’m on a strict deadline to declutter!

The task of decluttering has been elevated to an art form…even a way of meditating on what brings you joy. What if our minds and our lives were a closet we needed to clean out? As in decluttering the junk so we could walk in God’s will for our business, and stop trying to wear what doesn’t fit us? What if we put on Jesus (and His strength and power) daily in our pursuit of success God’s way?

Imagine the freedom and joy that would bring. Imagine the SERENITY!

I’ve got a great tool to help you declutter your mind as you plan ahead for 2022. Maybe you’ve heard of it: the brain dump (not my original idea, so kudos to whomever thought of this first!).

Here’s one way to do it this week:

1. Set a timer for 5 minutes and write down everything that’s cluttering your brain right now – all the to-do’s, the follow ups, the general STUFF. When the timer is done, you’re done.

2. Now take 3 deep breaths, and set the timer for another 5 minutes to sort the list by business, family, etc. Now you’ll have organized the information, and when the timer is done, you’re done.

3. Take 3 deep breaths, and set the timer one more time for 5 minutes, and use the Under Control tool at my link in bio to determine what’s really in your control vs. God’s.

Then turn the paper over and break down your list further to what’s really yours vs. other people’s!  Ahhh, doesn’t that feel better? Now you’re ready to celebrate a new year, and your thoughts are in God’s order for all He has planned for you! Catch this week’s podcast to help too!

Wishing you all a blessed New Year! See you in 2022!

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