Testimonials for Erin's work as the Christian Business Coach for Women

"The faith you've helped me cultivate cannot be measured because now when I face rejection, my trust in Jesus is so much stronger and I trust Him as my provider."
Corinne C.
"I've always found it difficult to plan for my business by myself because I'm a verbal processor. Being able to talk things out and have Erin sort out those thoughts in a way that connects all the dots for me was absolutely PRICELESS!"
Melissa H.
"You teaching us that God is our business partner is one of the deepest revelations!"
Tia P.
"I recently participated in the Hustle with Heart Course. This 7-week course was amazing, engaging and inspiring. We learned so much, and actually it ended too soon! I'm ready to read the book a second time and implement the principles that are outlined."
Elerie T.
"I recently participated in Erin's 5-day Faith-in-Biz Challenge. It was so refreshing to hear a Christian business coach tie scripture in so eloquently and highlight how, as Christian entrepreneurs, we don't need to look like 'everyone else' and be afraid of not succeeding in business. She explained some great, bible-based principles that actually work, AND allow you to build a business without all the hustle, stress, striving and wearing yourself out. I'd definitely encourage anyone who is looking to learn more about how they can do business God's way, to check out Erin!"
Kylie S.
"I'm an overachiever, a go-getter! And was overwhelmed thinking 'am I doing this business for the right reason?' Your course helped me get my mind in the right perspective to serve my clients by keeping God first."
Darlene B.
"...because of Rooted, I am more engaged in my prayer life than previously."
Peg D.
"This course was everything! My late pastor always reminded us that God would only give us light for the step we’re on. Erin, the Holy Spirit confirmed for me through this course (and even after) that He was lighting yet another step forward in my journey. Thank you so much for your boldness in Christ, Sis!
Mona C.
"What I gained [from the course] is I'm more organized and I can see what I need to see to take action. I'm more focused. I've commanded my day [His way]"
Lisa G.
"Even though I’m a believer in Christ and I love the Lord, Erin helped me to see that when it came to my business I wasn’t focused on God. I was focused on myself. After working with Erin for eight weeks, my heart has truly been transformed."
"Working with Erin was something I knew I needed to do, but didn't know just how much it would impact my business and personal life! She helped clear out the noise so I could hear and focus on God's plan for me and my business."
AliceAnne L.
"My major pain point was overwhelm. And I needed a strong sister to put some fire under me! The Holy Spirit was sending me help!"
Mona C.
"Before working with Erin I felt like “something” was missing from my business. It was stagnant, I wasn’t growing and there was no joy in it. Erin asked me all the right questions to help me dig in and evaluate my HEART."
"Erin listens with compassion, and corrects and guides in love. I can say with confidence that, thanks to Erin's coaching, for the first time in five years, I am running a God-centered business!"
Jessica D.
"I was praying and asking God to do what I wanted Him to do rather than seeking His guidance and asking that His will be done in my business. Her grasp of God’s Word and deep understanding of God’s heart are what led me to victory in my business."
Jenn M.
"I enjoyed coaching with Erin. I definitely felt very encouraged and she helped me with narrowing down what I was doing to help me with my time management, focus and with believing in myself. Thank you Erin!"
Christy S.
"I am excited to be part of Rooted because I need a tribe that will hold me accountable to balance my faith and work."
Lori S.
"As you said today...listening to God first, and then truly listening to others, will take us to higher levels of service in our lives and businesses."
Darlene B.
"I see my business as a platform for God to be glorified. My “why” is to watch Him move in BIG ways in my life and in the lives of those I will touch through my business. I now know that my business is an opportunity for God to use me and for Him to be glorified. I can’t wait to see what God will do in my business this year!"