The Call to Completion

The Call to Completion – Hitting the Wall in Your Business

Ever hit the wall in your business, wondering if the time, effort and work you’ve put in *really* matters? If those goals you’ve been working toward will ever be achieved?

Ever have that conversation with God that goes something like, “These desires I’m pursuing are the ones You gave me Lord; the ones You placed in my heart. So what the heck with timing? Am I just walking on a treadmill?”

Anyone else feel like this? 🙋🏼‍♀️

Earlier this month, my ROOTED group coaching members and I had the honor of hearing from powerhouse sister in Christ @jdclarkps, who spoke on the call to completion. The call to stay the course in God’s assignment for us. And her words gave us Christian women in business hope.

Hope that, even if the outcome looks nothing like the goals we’ve set or the dreams we have, He is molding and shaping us for His glory, our good and the good of those He’s aligned for us to serve. Heck, the good of everyone that comes in contact with us. Hope that He will complete the work He started, and it will be perfect in His way and in His time.

Thank you Tisa – we love and appreciate you, and your words changed lives and legacies!

It is my hope that this post gives YOU hope today…hope to stay the course and see it through to completion!

Tag a friend that could use this hope too!👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

PS For more on this topic, catch the next episode of my podcast on June 28 (episode 105)! Be sure to subscribe to get the latest episodes too!

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