The Consistency of a Cupbearer

The Consistency of a Cupbearer

You’re standing at the fridge and grab the handle of the milk jug, noticing the use-by date was last week. So you hand it to your spouse and say, “Here, smell/taste this and tell me if it’s still good.” 


(Come on… you know it happens!)


Imagine that was your work as the cupbearer to a king: day after day, tasting everything before it was served to the king to be sure it was safe. Besides unwavering trust in God, and intestinal fortitude, that job would take consistency. 


Nehemiah is a case study in consistency for us. He had no idea that God would redeem his consistency as cupbearer to lead the people to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem, but he knew God put a desire in his heart and positioned him in the role for some reason (there’s that GPS again). Through consistency, Nehemiah built the King’s trust. And, by the time he asked permission to leave and rebuild the wall, the king not only allowed it, he provided materials and influenced leaders of the kingdoms en route to provide safe passage.


Nehemiah was consistent in his mundane (and life-risking) daily action. He was consistent in seeking God’s direction during the process. He was consistent as foreman of the work. The result: the wall was rebuilt in just 52 days.


As @bishopjakes has said, “The strength is in the repeat, not the retreat.” 


When we move ahead in faith with consistency (aka daily discipline), we have no idea how God will move on our behalf – but we know He WILL in mighty ways! (Eph 3:20)  Even when yesterday’s calls didn’t seem to go anywhere. Even when our feelings tell us to stop because the results aren’t what we planned or as fast as we want. 


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