The impact that FUN has on our lives and businesses

Ever feel like you’re working so hard, loving every minute of it, but never really taking time to enjoy the fruits? Maybe you feel like you can’t stop, because things will surely fall apart without you. Or it’s not time to stop yet because the fruit isn’t quite ripe enough (the account isn’t quite full enough or you haven’t quite reached your goal yet, etc.). Hopefully my admission to working my business this way gives you permission to admit it too ❤️🤔


Recently my friend @samanthajoharvey posted about the impact that FUN has on our lives and businesses, and I was right there cheering her on for stepping out and sharing that truth. Because the deal is, we aren’t often truly enjoying the fruits of our labor or we’re giving them away for someone else to enjoy. And who are we to not enjoy the gifts from God? What does that say about our trust in Him to guide our work? Our gratitude to Him for the gift of our work? Let that sink in a minute.🤔

Today I’m celebrating us enjoying the fruits of our labor with some long awaited time off for my husband. And you can bet I’m eating the food and drinking the drinks and soaking up the sun. Friends, I know we’re all working to finish 2020 strong, in the face of all it’s not turned out to be. But please hear me – enjoy the fruits. Have the fun. I promise you it’ll be so worth it!

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