The Perils of Drifting - Episode 150

The Perils of Drifting – Episode 150

WOOHOOO!!! Celebrating episode 150 today!! I had no idea when I started sharing God’s message of redefining hustle and pursuing success God’s way that the show would reach this many episodes, much less win any awards (like 2022 Best Business Podcast or @thepodcastmag 2022 Top 50 Moms in Podcasting). Yet here we are, and I can’t wait to see what God does next.


And here’s what’s funny.


Even as I have clarity that THIS is exactly where God has positioned me, that He’s positioned this podcast exactly where He planned, and it’s grown for His glory, I STILL experience the perils of drifting in distraction, discontentment and doubt. 


Can you relate? 


In his bookOutwitting the Devil,” Napoleon Hill interviews Satan and discovers how the enemy distracts the believer, namely, through encouraging us to drift. He defines it as “the process through which the devil controls the souls of mankind.” The enemy accomplishes this through muddying up our sense of purpose, confusing us, giving us an unhealthy desire for excess, and – last but certainly not least – instilling fear. 


This month we’re talking about the perils of drifting, how to recognize it and get through it, using the “Four Keys to Redefine Hustle.” Download your copy at


PS if drifting has you stuck and you’re ready to grow through it, let’s chat about how I can help! Schedule 15 minutes with me at the link below. 


Scripture references in this episode:

These verses were part of the message in today’s episode. Follow along as you listen, and/or use them for your own continued study.

Judges 6:2

1 Samuel 23:14

2 Samuel 5:7-9

2 Corinthians 10:4-5

Ephesians 6:10-18

Isaiah 26:3-4

Isaiah 37:20


Links referenced in this episode:  

4 Keys to Redefine Hustle 

Outwitting the Devil by Napoleon Hill

Spiritual Strongholds Biblical View

Max Lucado on Strongholds

My interview on Episode 66 of We’re Not Done Yet with Susan Macias

My 2021 series on anxiety starts with Episode 92

Join the Podcast Backstage Hangout by finding me on Voxer 

Watch this episode on my YouTube channel 

The Charles Stanley Life Principles Bible that I use

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