The power of asking

The power of asking God for help for your business

When @haileyharrigan and @camrynharrigan were young, I traveled 70% for work. It took a lot of organization and instructions to my husband, grandparents, and sitters, and I was the maker of the lists, the giver of all instructions. I used to think I’d write a book called “The Keeper of Information, all about how moms have all the info: who eats what, who’s allergic to what, who takes what medicine and when, who has practice and where, etc.

Where are my moms who get this?! Drop a 💯below if you know this is true!

Here’s the thing: I was not good at asking for help in keeping all that info. I thought I had to shoulder it all, probably a combo of pride and guilt. 

The same is true in our businesses. We think as owners, creators, deliverers of service/products that we have to do it all (see my March 3 post). And our most powerful business partner – GOD – is waiting for us to ask for His help, guidance, direction, etc.! 

I don’t mean like Aladdin rubbing the magic lamp and Genie giving him whatever he asks (well, up to 3 wishes). God 👏 is 👏 not 👏 a 👏 genie 👏! That is NOT what Jesus means in Matthew 7:7 when He instructs us to ask, seek and knock (though many popular self-development books will say otherwise). He means asking in alignment to God’s will. To seek God first above all else. 

Because He’s ready to shoulder our burdens, to fight the battle, to banish our darkness with His light. All we have to do is ask. And asking for His direction is important at every stage of our pursuit of success His way.

Go ask. God is waiting!

PS wondering where you are in the pursuit of success God’s way? Go take the FREE Faith-in-Biz Quiz at my link in bio!

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