The Power of Community: Accountability

The Power of Community: Accountability

In Dr. Charles Stanley’s @intouchmin Life Principles Bible, Life Principle #28 is no Christian has ever been called to “go it alone” in his or her walk of faith. 

As God-centered entrepreneurs, our lives include our businesses, so of course this principle applies to business too. Still, when I talk to Christian women in business, I find a gap exists in having a Godly community around us to provide us with what I call the fundamental ABCs (and a D) for pursuing success God’s way: 

Accountability – to keep us accountable to God’s assignment and the action He gives us to take.

Belonging – to give us a place where we belong with others that understand how to do business His way.

Connection  – to provide a safe and encouraging space to share our challenges and celebrations.

Discernment – to help us strengthen our discernment of God’s Word and wisdom for our business.

Accountability isn’t only about us taking action in our business…it’s about keeping God at the center of it, putting time with Him and in His word first, and staying focused on pursuing success His way. 

There is power in having a like-minded, Chris-focused community to hold us accountable as we walk out our spiritual maturity as we do business. People who “get it” because they’re also letting God lead in their business. Tag your accountability peeps here and give them a shout out for keeping you on track!

Not sure what how to pursue success God’s way or curious about what it looks like? Register today for the 5-Day Faith-in-Biz Challenge at my link in bio – it’s happening next week, May 10-14! But hurry: registration closes 10pm Sat May 8!! 

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