The Power of Community Belonging

The Power of Community Belonging

There’s a whole lot of talk in the entrepreneur world about the power of belonging to a community and finding your tribe. In some businesses, the tribe seems built-in, between the organization you join and the team you build. That’s a good thing because entrepreneurship can be lonely and “it takes a village” to keep us on track as we navigate the ups and downs.

For us Christian women pursuing success God’s way, the way we do business is different from that built-in “tribe,” which can leave us feeling like we don’t quite fit in or belong, even when surrounded by the people who love and support our businesses. As hard as that can be to not quite fit in, it is exactly what God intended for us, as His word tells us in Romans 12:2 “Do not be conformed to this world.” It is one of the things I struggled with most at the beginning of my Kingdom walk when God was telling me to do business His way, and this “belonging” is what I heard a lot about this week from those in our 5-Day Faith-in-Biz Challenge which, sadly, ends today.

I’ll tell you what I told them: belonging DOES exist for us! We belong to each other on this walk – we are part of the beautiful tapestry of those chosen to be God’s ambassadors in the marketplace, where our business becomes the vehicle for His greatest purpose! It takes courage to step forward and lead with our faith, but I promise when you do this, those like you will come forth too. They will be the ones that will help you up when you stumble or fall, who lift you as they rise, and who “get it” when your approach to business looks different from the world!

If you’re looking for such a community – one that provides accountability, belonging, connection and discernment, the ROOTED Membership is available to you and enrollment is now open! Check out my link in bio and join us!

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