The Power of Community: Connection

Ever feel like you “belong” to a group, an organization, maybe a “tribe” through your business, but something’s missing?

Like you’re part of the group, but not really feeling the heart of the group? Or maybe it doesn’t seem “safe” to talk about your faith? Or you simply feel like no one would understand your commitment to pursue success God’s way?

Been there myself…and it stinks. And I hear this pretty often from others too, which makes me sad. Because choosing to follow Jesus is the greatest adventure, and yet it’s still hard to walk out our calling to do business differently than the world.

What’s missing is connection – beyond the common thread of being part of a company or organization, a networking group or a leadership level. We crave the deeper relationship and understanding from other women of faith walking in the center of God’s will. The connection that provides encouragement for sharing challenges and celebrations, that thrives on prayer, that keeps us lifted up when we’re tired (like Moses had in this verse), and that provides an extra hedge of protection against the enemy’s 3-D attack (distraction, discontentment and doubt). And Lord knows we need all the extra protection we can get, right?!

Where do you find this connection as you pursue success God’s way? Tag a friend that’s your go-to!

If you’re looking for such a community – one that provides accountability, belonging, connection and discernment, the ROOTED Membership is available to you and enrollment is now open…but it closes TONIGHT! Check out my link in bio and join us!

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