The Power of Community: Discernment

This month I’ve been sharing with you the ABCs (and D) of what we crave as we pursue success God’s way, and the feedback has been so encouraging! I knew it wasn’t just me, or the women of faith I know, that feel these gaps as they truly seek to bridge faith and business. There are more of you out there – thank you for letting me know you heard the message God gave me to share here!

The last piece of this puzzle is the D for Discernment.

I love this story of Jethro giving Moses advice because aren’t we just like Moses so often?

I’m not equipped, Lord!

I don’t speak well, Lord!

Who am I to do what you’ve given me to do?

And then…I’ve got this, I can handle it on my own! (um…NOT!)

It’s not just Jethro being an authority figure (after all, he is the father-in-law) that’s important here. It’s about having the right people in your corner to give Godly advice and help us discern the Lord’s word for our life and business.

See, there are a lot of people in our businesses that care about us. People who want to give us good advice and show us the way to go. But not all of them are walking out the pursuit of success God’s way, and therefore, they can’t really help us discern His work and instructions. Without discernment, we can easily slip into obscurity, looking like the rest of the world and caught up in it’s noise.

I don’t know about you, but I’d be lost and wandering without that kind of help in my life. How about you? Tag 3 friends that help you with Godly wisdom!

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