The Responsibility of Discipline

In this world of “do more, be more” and all the ‘more’ roar, it can be easy to be swallowed in the chaos of that noise. And when we decide to redefine hustle and bravely pursue success God’s way (because moving in the opposite direction of the world IS brave!), it could be easy to think “ok, God’s got this, so let me sit back and relax.” 

While that “Be still” in Psalm 46:10 does mean cease striving, and we know the Holy Spirit equips and empowers us for what God has prepared for us through his definition and direction (see my last two blogs), sitting back and doing nothing (or standing still or staying stuck) is not being obedient.

It is by putting God’s definition and direction into action that we accept our responsibility of discipline. Because the truth is, the Holy Spirit does not do all for us yet require nothing. We must be willing to do our part. Not God’s part. But OUR part. (I think I read that in a @christinecaine @youversion reading plan).

Trust is the action of faith, and faith takes action. It takes discipline. That’s our part as His ambassadors. Through our daily discipline, our faith grows, and our awareness of Him working gets sharper. 

And who wouldn’t want that sharp awareness?

Tag a friend that needs this reminder too (I know I needed it!). 👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻

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