But the Lord answered her, Martha, Martha, you are anxious and troubled about many things, but one thing is necessary." Luke 10:41 - 42a

The Struggle of Overachievement

Overachievers throw your hands in the air! And wave ‘em like you just don’t care!

Ok, ok, I’m not trying to be a rapper. Still, isn’t it just like us overachievers to show how busy we are and how much we’re doing by waving it around like a badge? 

Listen, I speak from experience because I am one! 

While God made us ambitious and gave us businesses through which we use our gifts to serve the Kingdom, He definitely doesn’t direct us to be overachievers. From tying our identity to achievement to trying to prove something to the world, His direction and our obedience can free us from this struggle! 

I think one key is knowing that we aren’t ruled by our to-do list, and adding more to it doesn’t earn us anything. Our identity isn’t (or isn’t meant to be) tied to achievement – it is anchored in Jesus. Because Jesus’ sacrifice brought us victory – and we don’t have to prove a thing. 

I pray that gives you space to take a deep breath, be still and know who you are and whose you are! And relieves you from the struggle of overachievement!

Do a friend a favor and tag them – or share this with them – so they can rest in that realization too!

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