There is always the temptation of judgment

If you asked my daughters, they would tell you I am judgmental.  I doubt this is unique to me and my relationship with them…pretty sure any parent of teens to young adults would probably experience the same comment.  As hard as I try not to be, as hard we as we all try not to be, we are human after all.  It is 100% an area of sin that God is working on me to breakdown because only He has the right to judge people.  And yet…

As God centered entrepreneurs, our business is one of the biggest places that we have an opportunity to reflect the Lord’s love and grace and mercy. Honestly, what God calls us to do is to reflect Christ’s life, Christ’s love and light in us to the world. As entrepreneurs we have an incredible opportunity to do this, and reach people for the Lord, sharing the good news of the gospel because we are connecting to people that might not ordinarily cross our paths in everyday life. Our business gives us that reach. And when we’re dealing with our fellow human beings, there is always the temptation of judgment. So where does this show up in my business and how can we overcome it?

I’m always real with you, and I’ll tell you where this has shown up in my business in the past is when I’ve looked around at my organization and I’ve thought, “Well, that person says they want this, but they don’t really want it bad enough. I see what they post on social media! They say they want that level, but they’re not really willing to do the work.”
Judgmental much?!  I’ve said it, and I’ve heard leaders above me say it.  Let’s just wake up and realize we never know what’s going on behind someone’s social media posts!  Those highlight reels and filters never show the bloopers.  Maybe we think someone is making excuses, but what if there’s deep-seated fear?  What if they have family dynamics that we’re not aware of and they’re simply trying to push through to actually do the work they know will create a different legacy and future for them?  Whew, hits hard, right?  What if the next time we say we need to love people where they are we actually really do it? What if we accept that their journey – like ours – is unique to them, and it may not look how we want it to look?  What if we could be more like Jesus who judged no one, and in fact, most often showed love to those that others judged?  Food for thought.

I was chatting with a friend the other day who said “You know, the black and white of my business is it is dependent on other people doing their part. And what I’ve realized in my time in business that everyone’s needs and desires are very different. We’re simply called to love them all and meet them where they are.”  Yes…so much yes. In meeting them and loving them where they are, we display grace – which is exactly what the Lord gives us every single day.  She then said, “we have to remember as leaders too that our time is limited as well and we need to work with those that exhibit growth.  It’s a fine line to balance that time, but that’s why we have Jesus to help us discern and direct our time.” I know as a leader and entrepreneur coach, I want to work with clients and teams who want to do the work. This makes me stop and think, am I showing up prepared for my own coach or leader?  Am I using my time wisely and respecting theirs? As much as I’m judging others, am I being judged too?  I think you know that answer…and even in that, we’re called to be like Jesus.

Jesus judged no one. He ministered to people that we would never be caught dead with, right? It gives me pause, and hopefully over time and with practice, I’ll break that stronghold.  Then my daughters will see me differently, too (and hopefully learn from my mistakes).  We can hope, right?

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