This one’s for my fellow high-achievers, us list checkers

This one’s for my fellow high-achievers. Us list-checkers, driven by productivity and accomplishment. Us “big, hairy, audacious goal” (BHAG) setters, for whom big leaps of progress are the way we prefer business to go.

I see you and feel you.

This first month of the year is when the world is most clamoring for our attention to dream bigger, go make things happen, and make this OUR year.

All that shouting to drive and strive can leave us weary, especially as we approach the last full week of this first month of the first quarter.

It matters not whether our business is thriving more than ever, or not quite meeting our expectations, because either way, for us achievers, it’s never quite enough.

Sis, let me remind you of this truth from Zechariah: small steps are important. God is rejoicing in the action you take, small or big!! You know those small steps leave margin for Him to move, don’t you? And my oh my, what BIG LEAPS He can make with our surrender and obedience.

Yes take the step. Don’t worry about how big it is. (No one’s opinion of it counts more than God anyway).

Just breathe. Keep calm. Be mindful of our limitless God.

If this sounds like you or hits you at the core, DM me. I’ll be happy to pray over breaking those chains in your business!

Tag a friend that needs this reminder (and a little grace for herself)!

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