Two superheroes walk into a bar...and straight into an identity crisis

Two superheroes walk into a bar…and straight into an identity crisis

Are you a Marvel fan? Is “Avengers, assemble!” one of your fave battle calls?


Not me. First, not a big fan of the superhero thing. And frankly, too many movies for me to understand the whole “multiverse” thing.


Now, the Justice League of my youth – that I can get behind.


And that BAM! WHOP! BOOM! of the OG Batman was the best. Give me those kitchy episodes any day. But here’s my question: why so many Batman movies? Why so many different versions portrayed?


So you see the origin of my joke: two superheroes walk into a bar, looking sort of the same but just a bit different. One introduces himself with “I’m Batman.”  And the other one says, “No…I’M Batman!” And now they’re in an identity crisis. HA! Get it?


Okay, not my best work. But do you ever find yourself in an identity crisis in your business (sans bar)?


One day you’re looking in the mirror, thinking of all the progress in your business, and you see yourself as invincible (hands on hips, cape flowing, standing strong) thanks to Jesus.


And the next day, recalling the no’s, the lonely work behind the scenes, and how slow it seems to be going…BAM! Your view of yourself changes. 


💥BOOM💥 there’s a fiery dart from the enemy.

💥WHAM💥 there’s another one!


Anyone else been there?


I know I have (like yesterday…and this morning).


Here’s the thing: while our circumstances may look different, or business may feel like it’s slowing, or you haven’t gotten a new client in what seems like forever, there is one constant – our Super Savior Jesus. Regardless of what’s happening, you can be clear of who you are in Him (and there aren’t multiple versions of that).


Walking out your assignment with clarity, serenity and fulfillment takes a daily decision to ABIDE in Him, and doing that takes shielding yourself in the Truth. Shield yourself in His full armor (listen to this week’s episode of The Hustle with H.E.A.R.T. Podcast on your fave network or I promise you’re not alone – He’s got you. And I’m walking this out right beside you too.  DM me with how I can pray over your business this week.




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