WWJD? Be Consistent

We all struggle with consistency, don’t we?

Consistency [ kuhn-sis-tuhn-see ] noun 

  1. The quality of being enduring or unchanging.
  2. The absence of incompatibility between two things (e.g., walking our talk, with no discrepancy between what we say and what we do)


We all struggle with consistency, don’t we?

I know I don’t want to admit that…I mean, coaching ambitious Christian women to establish daily discipline for building a thriving Kingdom business is part of what I do!


The good news is we have the ultimate model of consistency to follow: Jesus! We know this because His Word tells us:


✅ He is never incongruent. 

✅ He is the same always – He is enduring and unchanging.

✅ He was consistent in His interactions with people in His time on earth, and He IS consistent with us today.

✅ He is unwavering in his grace and mercy and love, even when we sin!

✅ Every good and perfect comes from He who has no variation.

✅ He is the beginning and the end.


So WWJD as a business owner? (actually, maybe this should read “what DID Jesus do”)

  1. Allowed His Father to define Him, His work and His outcomes (and always gave glory to God the Father)
  2. Allowed His Father to direct Him by seeking His instruction, comfort and strength always and in all ways 
  3. Put that direction into discipline with daily action.


Friend, regardless of what’s happening in your business today, know this: the Lord was there at the inception of your business, and He still is! Renew your consistency by following Jesus’ model. He will bless that above and beyond what your strategic plan shows! 




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