Erin leaning against the railing of the boardwalk by water demonstrating the feeling of peace

What’s PEACE got to do with it?

What’s PEACE got to do with it?

Every year I work through the “one word” exercise from the book “One Word That Will Change Your Life” by Gordon, Britton & Page (get your copy at Usually it takes a few days and much prayer before I’m clear on the word God gives me – no forcing my word own word in there – and, I’m often surprised and even bewildered by the word. Words like insight, flow, unleash were some interesting ones that played out perfectly in all areas of my life in recent years. My 2022 word was trust, which was definitely God’s clear instruction about what I wasn’t doing (trusting Him).

This year was different.

For a solid week leading up to my annual year-end exercise, I heard whispers of the word PEACE. I’d see it in books, hear it in songs and felt it deep down. I knew to the core of my being that this was the word He was giving me for 2023. So much so that I skipped the one word exercise in my annual year-in-review day, which is like blasphemy for this stick-to-the-structure and process girl!

What I love about God is that He knows everything about us. He knows our struggles, and He knows exactly what we need before we even think of it. Looking back, peace is where I’ve struggled lately. It has eluded me in recent months, even as I worked on deepening my trust in God’s promises.

He knows it’s where I need to focus, and that means to embrace the truth that, because Jesus lives in and through me, so does His peace! I don’t have to go find it…it’s already there. What I need to do is get to know Jesus better. Deepen my relationship with Him so I can see and feel His peace daily, regardless of life swirling around me.

Do you ever struggle in this way? Let me know so I can pray over it with you!

So with PEACE as my beacon for 2023, I set about creating my “best year yet” one-sheet that acts as my map for the year. It includes my one word, my theme for the year and my guidelines, and I keep it in view so I am reminded daily of the work He’s doing in me for the year. Here’s what it says:

My Theme: By understanding Jesus, His truth and promises, peace permeates every moment, and I am free to enjoy the fruits of my labor and His promise of abundant life!

My Guidelines:
1. Seek first to know Jesus as Savior, Creator and the Word.
2. Then seek to understand His promise of abundant life.
3. Peace and joy come from experiencing His promise and provision.

My Paradigm: Jesus is the source of all peace and abundant life.

My job this year is clear: be Jesus’ apprentice. Learn everything I can about Him and from Him. And it was of course apropos that, for the first live stream episode of my Redefining Hustle podcast (episode 182), my guest was Christa Hutchins who taught on setting peace goals. I know it’s brought me a new level of peace to think of goalsetting this way, and I hope it does the same for you.

So comment below and tell me…where are you finding peace right now, in this first 13 days of 2023? Is it eluding you at the moment? It’s ok, friend, you’re not alone. Take Jesus’ hand and He’ll remind you of where to find it. And share this with a friend that needs this reminder too!


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