Episode 97: When Crisis Strikes: Our Story, Part 2

Last week I left you with a cliffhanger as I shared the story of our personal financial crisis, didn’t I? This week you’ll get the rest of the story and learn how God delivered us through it all, and how those lessons impact where my business is today, and how it thrives through my pursuit of success God’s way.

I pray that what I share blesses you, perhaps challenges you to examine how you’re bridging faith and business, and gives you hope for what’s possible with God as your business partner!

The full story is outlined in chapter one of my book, which is FREE at https://erinharrigan.com

(get the full book at https://amzn.to/31owBFS )

And go take the FREE Faith-in-Biz Quiz  https://bit.ly/37Oaoo7 to see how well you’re bridging faith and business!

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