When our portion size is enough.

In my last blog post, I challenged us to lean into the awe of God’s wonders this month, instead of focusing on kicking 2020 to the curb (or maybe you’re thinking it needs a swift kick in a painful place).

So, how’d that work out for you? What choice did you make? Share below! 👇🏻💜👇🏻💜

This week, let us be reminded that, regardless of what’s swirling around us, God has proved Himself faithful over and over again in our lives and businesses. Regardless of goals not achieved (yet), milestones missed, sales not closed, growth not realized, etc. He is sovereign and righteous. He is our portion and all we truly need.

If we’re really walking out this Hustle with Heart journey to pursue success in God’s way, our hope, and trust are anchored in Him alone. This enables us to wait expectantly for Him to direct and govern our future – and that of our businesses. He is faithful, true to His word, day in and day out.

No matter what we see, He’s already out ahead of us working it all together for His glory and our good. That gives me great hope. How about you?

PS hope abounds when women of faith in the business gather together for accountability, belonging, and connection! If you’re ready for a different kind of group coaching for 2021, join the HwH Rooted Community! Enrollment closes December 31 and won’t open again for 6 months…don’t miss out: click my link in bio to reserve your spot!

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