Like me, you’re probably thinking “thank GOD 2020 is over!”

I know I’m not the first to say it today, but nevertheless…


Like me, you’re probably thinking “thank GOD 2020 is over!” Yet, we all know that flipping the calendar page doesn’t make everything magically better. It does, however, signify the hope of a new year if we are willing to let go of the past.

The past hurt.

The past mistakes.

The past comparison and coveting.

The goals not achieved and the plans not fulfilled.

All. Of. It.

It’s not easy. I feel that too.

This verse here may seem like common sense, yet it’s deeper meaning is equivalent to “a sound mind in a healthy body.” It is scientifically proven that holding onto negative emotions damages our body, down to our DNA (@drcarolynleaf’s book Switch On Your Brain explains this well). #healthymindhealthybodyhealthybiz

Stepping into a bright new year, filled with expectations of better things, and embracing all God has planned for us, can only be done by letting go of all that above. And in doing so, we CAN have a peaceful heart, fully embracing and anchoring ourselves to God’s plans for us. In life and in business. That’s how we Hustle with Heart.

Are you ready to commit to really pursuing success God’s way with me this year? Let’s hold each other accountable to Hustle with Heart! Pinky promise! (joining my ROOTED group coaching can help – link in bio)

Tag 3 friends that need this encouragement on the first day of 2021!

(PS happy birthday to my non-social media husband too…not that he’ll see this 🤣🍾)

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